In today's highly competitive world, education is considered to be the deciding factor for success and prosperity, yet it has obviously failed to produce peace and morality. Children are growing up with no respect for their fellow beings. Nations are on the brink of disaster and ruin unless crime and immorality are not soon restrained. History clearly reveals our mistakes, yet mandated reform by government authority has only produced rebellion and violence. Are there no answers to this dilemma?

This author clearly reveals that, Love, the basis of creation and of redemption, is the basis of true education. Simply put, changes that last are those that are motivated by unselfish love.

Each of us must face the realistic circumstances of daily life, its failures and defeats as well as its responsibilities and opportunities for success. How essential therefore that we prepare ourselves mentally, especially during childhood, to meet these experiences from a perspective based upon Godly principles! Principles that recognize God as the source of all wisdom and the great teacher of true education.

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