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Please contact us for free literature in other languages, available in electronic format and/or print.

Mobile: 0404 881 885.
International: +61 404 881 885.
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Postal Address: P.O. Box 220, Mundaring, Western Australia, 6073.


Our downloadable electronic literature (e-books, e-booklets, e-tracts, etc.) are currently available in the English language only. However, if you would like to have them in your own native language, or any other language, you could use Google's online translator to translate the said electronic literature to the language of your choice.

To use Google Translate you would firstly have to download and save the e-books, e-booklets, e-tracts etc. which are in PDF format, and then upload the PDF to Google Translate where you can have it translated almost instantly. Follow the steps below to successfully download and save as well as upload and translate our electronic literature to a language of your choice:

Step 1: Download the desired e-book, e-booklet or e-tract from this site by simply clicking on the download E-book or download Tract link displayed on pages where electronic literature is available, or download from the Downloads section (using the Downloads tab in the main menu at the top). The PDF will display in your browser's window. In order to save the PDF to your computer, if you are using Microsoft Edge as your browser simply click on the Save icon (graphic of a floppy disk) in the toolbar at the top, or click on the three dots (...) located towards the right hand side of the browser window at the top and select More tools, Save page as from the drop-down menu. A dialogue box will appear showing you files and folders on your system and you can navigate to and choose a specific folder to save the file to. If you are using Google Chrome, click on the download 'arrow' icon located in the toolbar at the top to save the file to your PC. For other browsers, you can check the Help section for instructions on downloading and saving files.

Step 2: Go to Google Translate and select the Documents tab located at the top left hand side of the translator which will allow one to choose a document (such as a PDF) to upload to Google Translate for translation. However, before you upload the document you must first choose the language that you are translating from, and then choose the language that you wish to translate to. At the top left hand side panel of the translator where it says DETECT LANGUAGE | ENGLISH | SPANISH | FRENCH, select the language you are translating from. You can either choose DETECT LANGUAGE which is the default setting or ENGLISH. The right half of the panel shows the languages available to translate to. On default, ENGLISH | SPANISH | ARABIC are displayed. Next to this is a ‘drop-down’ symbol which when clicked will list all the languages supported that you can choose to translate to.

Step 3: Once you've made your selections, click on the Browse your computer button to select the document for translation. Once the document has been selected click on the Translate button to perform the translation. Translating small files will only take a few seconds to complete, whereas larger files may take much longer. Note that the maximum file size of the document that you upload for translation must not exceed 10 megabytes.

Please bear in mind that the translator cannot deal with images but can only translate pages where fonts are used. And in so saying, all electronic literature (e-books, e-booklets, e-tracts etc.) where there are images/scans on pages (whether diagrams, photos, scans of objects and/or text) will not appear in the translated document.

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