Inside Rock Music

The truth behind rock music.

This book takes you back stage and into the lives of rockers and their music. We will examine their lyrics and how the captivating tonal elements in the music are fitted together.

We will discover why rock music affects people so powerfully and how it changes those who play it and listen to it.

We will read about rock stars who died and what killed them.

It is all here – the whole story of rock music and related musical forms – and the forces behind the scenes, capturing and destroying human beings.

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The Real Story Behind Christmas, Easter and Halloween

The origins of Christmas, Easter and Halloween.

This is a book that you have waited for. It is an amazing collection of historical facts and insights. Here you will find the real story behind Christmas, Easter and Halloween – how they originated in ancient times; the inner meanings of each; how they entered Christianity; what historians tell us about them; what the Bible reveals.

It is all here. This is the entire remarkable story, filled with facts you want to know!

Over eighty statements by research historians. An astounding collection of information.

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