Alternative Cancer Remedies

Facts for historians and medical researchers.

The information presented in this book will help those desirous of improving their health – so they can prevent cancer from gaining a foothold in their bodies.

Because it discusses many anti-cancer substances and formulas, this book is especially written for medical researchers and historians.

It is important that you be told that this book has not been written for cancer patients, those who already have this dreaded disease, or laymen desirous of treating it. The AMA, NIH, NCI, and SKI have determined that anyone who has contracted cancer should see his or her physician.

•  Nearly 400 preventive factors
•  Over 50 cancer treatment methods
•  Based on the findings of eighty cancer researchers
•  The three primary methods used today
•  Over 50 special herbs
•  The four leading herbal formulas
•  Anti-cancer organisations and clinics
•  Sources of supply – and much more.
•  Researcher, preventive, things to include and therapy indexes.

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