The Desire of Ages (Book 1)

"The most beautiful book ever written on the life of Christ." – Library of Congress

This book can bring you a deep peace of heart. Page after page of insight and help.

It is an excellent picture book, even for small children. Mother, Father, or an older child can read a little aloud from the text as the pictures are viewed. In this way, the youngest children can begin to learn the wonderful story of Jesus, and how He died to forgive their sins and enable them to live humble, obedient lives in service to Him.

A beautifully bound, glossy hardback edition, this book will be a continual source of inspiration and encouragement, and you will want to keep it with you wherever you go.

934 colour pictures, reader's guide, Bible story guide, promise passages, 4 maps. Bible study, Bible, topical indexes. Plus – The Crucifixion: historical and medical facts.

Suggested donation AU$65.

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